Family Information Form

We are always in the process of updating our church records. Even if you are 100% sure that we have all of your information, we are asking EVERY parishioner to fill out a family information form. These forms are available at the church, or you can download one off the website here. Please return completed forms to the alms basin, the basket in the Narthex, or to the church office. Thank you!!!


Annual Parish Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the parish meeting this past Sunday. If you did not receive a copy of the annual report, you may download one here. 

Congratulations to Rowan Brown, Sandra Clark-Lewis, Gatz Riddell, and Joe Twardy on being elected to serve the Lord as vestry members at Holy Trinity.  We are looking forward to working with you!  


Advent IV & Christmas Eve Services

Sunday, December 24
8 am Holy Eucharist
10 am Holy Eucharist with pageant & children's choir
5:30 pm Holy Eucharist with Holy Trinity Choir
(special music begins at 5 pm)
10:30 pm Holy Eucharist with Holy Trinity Choir
(special music begins at 10 pm)
(kids can wear pjs!)
the church office will be closed December 25 & 26

New Years Eve Services
Sunday, December 31
8 am Holy Eucharist
10 am Holy Eucharist
the church office will be closed January 1 & 2


Rector’s Bible Study

The Rector's Wednesday morning Bible Study meets every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the parish hall.  Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy a cup of coffee as we continue our study on 1 Samuel. If you missed a Wednesday or would just like to hear it again, we offer the recordings on this website under Education, Adult Offerings.

Can't make Wednesday morning?  Great news! 
Geoff offers a Wednesday evening Bible Study at 6 pm in the parish hall.  Childcare is available.  Email Geoff if you have any questions.


College Bible Study Cook Schedule is Full!

Thank you so very much to all the faithful parishioners who signed up to cook a meal to some of the most appreciative diners in the world!  Our schedule for the fall is full! If you are interested in signing up for a date in the winter, we will have that schedule available soon, or you can email Bob Blackwell at


The Giving Well

Holy Trinity is partnering with Patrick and Sarah of "Bridge Africa" to help raise the funds needed to build a well in the Namungo village in Uganda.  Our hope is to supply this village with one of the basic necessities of life - clean water.  The children in the village must walk over 5 miles each day to collect water from a not so nearby stream.  If a well is built, then these same children can possibly spend that time of travel in school.  The cost of building the well, from start to finish, is about $10,000.  A display will be available in the narthex during the Advent season.  You can make a donation - cash, check or coins are accepted, and take one of the lovely items from the display table.  Please make your checks payable to Holy Trinity with Uganda in the for line. 


Holy Trinity Choir

The Holy Trinity Choir is looking forward to another year of ministry! Our weekly Wednesday night rehearsals are at 7:00 PM in the choir room. If you are interested in volunteering to sing with the choir this year, please contact Matthew Hoch at


Holy Trinity Children's Choir

The Holy Trinity Children's Choir has weekly rehearsals on Wednesdays at 6:15 PM in the choir room, and then we have several performances during the 9 a.m. Sunday services throughout the year.  We are pleased to have Seth McCollough back as children’s choir director this year. He is assisted by music interns Jacob Verhine and Claudia Affan. If your child is interested in singing in children’s choir, please contact Seth at


Name Tags

If you still are not in possession of a name tag and would like one, please email Laura Meadows at The first one you order is free! These name tags are yours to keep, and if you move out of the area, please take your name tag with you to share with your next Episcopal community.

If you have misplaced your name tag and would like a replacement, email Laura to request a new one. The replacement tags cost $10.00. Please include “replacement name tag” on your check memo line and place it in the bookkeeper’s box or in the office. Thank you!