In the Episcopal Church, the governing board of individual parishes is called
a vestry.

This body is similar to a board of deacons in other traditions. These people are elected by the parish for three year terms during which they care for the assets of the parish, set guidelines and policies, manage the financial affairs of the parish, and offer guidance and leadership to the whole congregation.

There are numerous committees that do the work of the parish and report
back to the vestry.
 All meetings of the vestry are open, and parishioners are encouraged to attend. The current vestry meets on the 4th Tuesday of the
month at 7 pm in the library.



Vestry Officers
Christian Dagg, Senior Warden

Bobby Duncan, Junior Warden

Dennis Thrasher, Treasurer

Laura Meadows, Clerk


2018 Vestry Members
Rowan Brown

Sandra Clark-Lewis

Sandra Clay

Bobby Duncan

Mary Ann Hanson

Jana Jager

Steve Porter

Gatz Riddell

Andrew Stanley

Joe Twardy

Lyn Causey