At Holy Trinity, we strive to impact your spiritual growth, understanding and renewal through Christian Formation.

The main goal of Holy Trinity’s Christian Formation committee is to put forth quality Christian education offerings for the adults in our parish. Study is a vital part of our Christian discipleship. We study sacred scripture to be confronted again and again by God in Christ, and to be confronted by life changing grace. We also believe in immersing ourselves in the wise words of faithful Christians who have gone before us; from C.S. Lewis to Augustine to George Eliot and Flannery O’Connor, it’s a joy to learn from the wisdom of others whose faith in Christ precedes ours.



Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School classes/forums are held each Sunday at 10:10 a.m. in the Parish Hall during the program year, September through May. Classes have begun! Adult offerings are varied to include studies of scripture, themed classes and discussion groups of varying duration designed to meet specific interests. This fall, we're focusing on Eugene Peterson's commentary on the Songs of Ascent (Psalms 120 through 134). If you've ever found the psalms mystifying or if you're looking for a good devotional approach to the Bible, this book could be a blessing to you. "Long Obedience" will be the main text for Adult Sunday School, but feel free to order a copy and dive in!  The Adult Sunday School weekly class schedule can be found in the weekly newsletter, Come Holy Spirit, or in the weekly email, Sunday Happenings.  The full fall schedule can be found below.

Bible Study

Now offered two times on Wednesday! Share a mid-week Jesus and have a Gospel start to your Wednesday with a study of II Corinthians. Now offered at 7am and 10am. You don't have to commit for the duration of the study, but rather attend as your schedule permits.

Pro tip - these classes will cover the same material so come twice, or (more likely) feel free to move between the classes depending on your schedule. 

 If you missed a Wednesday or would just like to hear it again, please click on the button below. If the recordings are too quiet, try downloading the file to play on your own audio application.

Adult Confirmation 

Confirmation class is for those who wish to go deeper in their faith and/or formalize their membership in the Episcopal Church and Holy Trinity. This class will begin in January of 2020 and culminates with the Bishop’s visitation in April. To sign up for the next confirmation class, email Geoff Evans at